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Our Team East Perth

Our Team East Perth

MEET THE East Perth Team

Whether you are an active gym goer or a first time gym user, Stadium Fitness has you covered
with not only some of the best personal trainers the industry has to offer, but also a hand
selected team of customer friendly managers trained and prepared to make all your fitness
dreams become reality. Learn more about our trainers below.

Personal Trainer Andreea Eru

Andreea is a personal trainer with a passion for leading a healthy and active lifestyle. She aims to share her knowledge with clients to help them reach their fitness goals. Her extensive knowledge base allows her to help a broad cross section of clients – from the beginner to the competitor.

Andreea has competed successfully in local and national competitions. This experience helps her to specialise as a body sculpting and physique conditioning coach. She also holds certifications in various areas of fitness, including – boxing; kettlebells; rehab; lifting mechanics; body sculpting, as well as training our more mature members as part of the Living longer living stronger program.