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Meet the East Perth Team


Mike has been in the Fitness Industry for 45 Years. He was involved in introducing the first Personal Training Course in WA. Mike is also the founder of the O'Mara Classic Competitions where he has helped many people reach their peak and perform on stage making his experience global, He specialises in Body Building and Bikini Comp Prep, Diet and Nutrition and Weight loss Programmes. Be sure to give Mike a wave when you see him around the gym!


Noelia grew up and lived in Latin  America where she attended university in Mexico, obtaining her bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering and was also a personal trainer!

Noelia has a passion for health and fitness and has been involved in the fitness industry for five years. Previously she has worked as an administrative assistant and working alongside the team here at Stadium Fitness is such a dream job for her, and she hopes to be able to help members as they progress through their health and fitness journey.


Dom has worked as a passionate Personal Trainer for over 20 years, supporting people from all walks of life to meet their fitness and wellness goals. Dom has a diverse range of experience and specialises in boxing for fitness, strength and flexibility, HIIT training, rehabilitation, preparation for sporting competitions, weight loss and much more!

Dom has a holistic approach to health, prioritising client’s enjoyment of exercise and overall well-being. Dom believes fun is an essential ingredient to a sustainable relationship with fitness.

So whether you're preparing for a marathon, recovering from an injury or looking to start your fitness journey, Dom would love to work with you to achieve your specific goals, whilst ensuring you enjoy it!

Sessions can be tailored depending on your preference to be one-on-one or as a small or large group so please feel free to ask Dom about bringing your partner, friends, family or colleagues along on an invigorating fitness journey.


There is not much that the amazing Danka (or Daniela) can't do! Danka is an IFBB Fitness Pro athlete, fitness model, dancer, personal trainer and also works in customer service for Stadium Fitness East Perth.

Danka is the best in the business when it comes to coaching posing for body building competitions.