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Meet the Osborne Park Team


Andrew (AKA Ando) has always loved sport, especially basketball! He has played for 35 years and is now coaching. Daniela is a Primary School Teacher. They are parents to Jordan and Paris.

Being of italian background, family and food is very important, as well as health, well-being and happiness.

They are passionate about making Stadium Fitness unique and part of their family. Their ultimate goal is to create an environment where staff, trainers and members are happy, valued and motivated to come to the gym.

Community and Culture is what it’s all about!


Cassie has been in the Fitness Industry since 2014 in both Administration and Personal Training. Her aim is to ensure that everyone at Stadium Fitness are achieving their goals whether it be the members with their fitness goals or the trainers with their business goals. She strongly believes that the gym is a safe haven where people from all walks of life should feel welcome and motivated!


Sasha quickly fell in love with the health and fitness industry when he started his own fitness journey. He has a keen passion for helping members by guiding them on ways to improve their fitness, develop their strength and educating them on creating healthy and sustainable lifestyle changes.


Put simply, Harry loves training and has been involved in the fitness industry since the age of 14. Harry’s focus is to build a long standing relationship with his clients to ensure consistent progress towards their longs in the long and short term.

Harry’s a big people person and always makes sure to subscribe to the clients individual needs, motivations and to guide how their training fit’s best into their lifestyle - it is important to him that members enjoy themselves at the gym!

Harry specialises in: joint health and alignment, mobility, hypertrophy and strength, and body recomposition



Abi has been passionate about all things fitness related since a young age. Abi is dedicated to making each training session uplifting and an enjoyable experience, motivating her clients to push their limits while maintaining a positive and supportive atmosphere.

Whether you're a fitness beginner or a seasoned enthusiast, Abi’s infectious energy and expertise will guide you on a journey to achieve the body transformations you’ve been dreaming of. Get ready to sweat, smile, and transform with Abi by your side!

Abi specialises in: Body transformations, weight loss and nutrition coaching


Claire has been helping people change their mindset around training for over a year once becoming a qualified Personal Trainer. She has always loved training and also loves to challenge herself by signing up for various activities in the community. You will tend to find Claire playing Gaelic football on the Weekends.

Claire has a bubbly personality and loves to meet new people as well as help others feel confident by reaching both their fitness goals.

Whether you're a beginner or experienced, as a team, she will help guide you on how to achieve the goals you are chasing with a smile, a few chats and a great workout!


Eric’s passion for fitness started as a teenager when he began kick boxing, which lead him to a hybrid training style, implementing a mixture of gymnastics, calisthenics and power lifting into his routine.

Eric is passionate about sharing his knowledge with others and focuses on educating his clients on compound exercises and bodyweight training.

Eric specialises in: strength development and conditioning, body weight training and calisthenics.


Dennis is an experienced trainer who’s been in the industry for over 10 years! He developed his love for all things training, nutrition and mindset from an early age. His goal is to help you build a strong, functional body that you love, create good relationships with food and build a healthy mindset.

Dennis specialises in: strength training and metabolic conditioning


Eddy has had a strong passion for all things fitness from a young age. He has been in the fitness industry for the last 6 years training people in Strength and Conditioning, Muay Thai and Boxing. Catering for all levels of experience with a strong focus on working together with his clients to achieve their goals while building a strong body in the safest way possible while also having fun. Having been involved in and competing in combat sports for the last 12 years, Eddy understands the importance of having a strong and functional body.


ONLINE ONLY: Char is currently traveling Asia but if she sounds like the trainer for you, she would still love to chat! 

Specialising in Body Transformation, Char has been changing her clients lives for the past five years and counting.

Char’s experience in every aspect of the health and fitness industry means there is no one she can’t help! Char’s PT career thus far has been centred around attaining results for her clients and she is here to help you reach your goals. Along with her bubbly personality, Char lives and breathes transformation!

Charlotte Specialises in: Body transformation, competition preparation, powerlifting, optimising performance alongside injury.